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Self reflection is OK. But I see little point in sharing anything on the web if it is not appreciated in some way by some body. So this is what I ask of you: if you enjoy this even a little, and would like to see more, say so. Below is the comment box do this — and by the way, you are not required to provide your email in order to comment, it’s optional. Lastly, your comment will not appear right away, because I do review new comments in order to weed out the inane spam that sometimes leaks in.  Alternatively, if you prefer, you can email me at

Also, if you know people who might like this, please share it – that’s my sophisticated marketing strategy.


13 thoughts on “Comments — Feedback

  1. Ruth MacKay says:

    I hadn’t read the most recent of these. It feels like I am getting to know you all over again. I hope you will keep going. I love you.

  2. Warrior Princess says:

    Hi Martin! Visited your site today, and want to tell you how much I enjoyed! Love the photos-a few favourites so far have been Forest Graffiti, Big Moon Little Moon and Bluestone. Equally captivating have been your descriptions of your journey. Wonderful!
    Warrior Princess

  3. Margaret and Richard says:

    Hi Martin – keep the photos (and your writings) coming – they’re wonderful. Your camera club trauma paid off; the contrasty ones are great! (The portrait is so recognisably you…)

  4. L & K says:

    Martin – your photos and accompanying commentary are quite lovely and inspirational. I hope you continue to share a little piece of yourself and your work with the world.

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